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Fly Guard

Patent Application No. 1957/CHE/2007

This Fly Guard system is developed in such a way that this would become a foremost equipment or system that can identify the faulty person and can prevent the illegal things from happening. This is actually used for the purpose of storing a citizen's full details. By storing the human's details in a global server, it is allowing the security department to retrieve and view the details of each person. A personal profile record file will be created once he is into a process of applying for a travel identity such as passport or Visa. Nobody can use more than passport.

Inventors: PAUL RAJ

Health Guard System

Patent Application No. 3140/CHE/2008

Health guard System is a process of connecting government and pharmaceuticals, insurance companies, Hospitals and patients Health guards Server acts as “ Hub” of the network .Health guards system updated with new medicines, diseases ,symptoms from pharmaceuticals company and doctor details from hospitals. A patient who has the chip cards or chip cards reader can easily fix the appointment with a single sms or voice mail .He also can alerted from our server from our server about his medicine at right time. For doctors, he get the information about new diseases and drugs from pharmaceuticals via Health guard System server. For insurance companies, they can track the treatments taken by their clients. So it is easy for them to take necessary actions.

Inventors: PAUL RAJ